Turbo Braze manufactures powdered metals in our state of the art atomizing plant. We have the capability to atomize a wide variety of metals using inert gas atomization, air atomization, and water atomization processes which enables us to optimize our powder production based upon the alloy selected. In addition to manufacturing standard-specification brazing and soldering alloys, Turbo Braze has the capability to manufacture custom alloy formulations to your specification. Please contact us for more information.

All Turbo Braze powders start as high purity elements which are carefully weighed to the alloy specification. Induction melting is used to ensure consistent melting results. The molten filler metal is then atomized using the appropriate process to produce fine powder in which each powder particle is the composition of the original melt.

Atomized powders are carefully screened to select the proper sized powder for each application, ensuring consistent results when using Turbo Braze powder or paste filler metals.

Powdered filler metals are ideal for covering large flat surfaces with an even coating of filler metal. They are often much less expensive than comparable sheet products, and offer the versatility of covering infinite geometries without the need for custom preforms.

The versatility of powder means potential uses are unlimited. Powder can be manufactured into a paste product by Turbo Braze, or incorporated into a customer's binder to make a paste or a slurry on-site. Powder can be used alone, or it can be flux-flux coated to meet the specific needs of an application. For more information, please contact us.

Flux Coated Powder

Powdered brazing alloys can be flux coated to produce a complete brazing product custom tailored to your application. The selected filler metal is coated with a suitable flux for the application.

Flux-coated powder offers one-step application of flux and filler metal and ensures the proper filler metal-to-flux ratio in every joint. Uniquely suited to large, flat surface areas, flux-coated powder produces high-quality joints and eliminates outgassing from binders used in paste products.

Flux-Coated Alloys

Aluminum Brazing Alloys
All Turbo Braze aluminum brazing alloys can be flux-coated with our ALF fluoride-based brazing flux.

Copper-Based Brazing Alloys
Turbo Braze 120 and Turbo Braze 130 can be flux-coated with our F Flux.

Copper-Phosphorous Brazing Alloys
All Turbo Braze copper-phosphorous brazing alloys can be flux coated with either our A Flux or our LA Flux.

Nickel Brazing Alloys
With the exception of Turbo Braze 2075, all of our nickel-brazing alloys can be coated with our F Flux.

Silver Brazing Alloys
All Turbo Braze silver brazing alloys can be coated with either our A Flux or our LA Flux. These products can also be modified with boron for extended heating cycles.


Shot Materials

Turbo Braze has the capability to produce nonferrous alloys and pure metals in shot form. Shot material is typically used in alloying processes, but can also be used in brazing and ancillary processes. Turbo Braze can produce round and/or pancake shot in a variety of sizes. Actual size/shape of shot products depends on the alloy composition. Please contact us for more information.

Specialty Alloy Powder

In addition to our brazing and soldering alloy selection, Turbo Braze can manufacture most nonferrous alloy compositions or pure metals into powder form. Please contact us for more information.






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